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Although we've yet to find out how Amy will leave the scene, the new companion has been announced!

Jenna-Louise Coleman (Emmerdale / Waterloo Road) is to play the part of "someone who can talk even faster than [the Doctor] does". Judging by the comments the Moff has made about her, her character's identity will be a major part of the build-up to the 50th anniversary bonanza we all know the writers are planning. Whether or not this means we'll have another go-around with the River Song trope (that annoying "Who are you?" "Not telling" game we just got finished with at the end of last season), it's sure to be interesting.

Personally, I'm hoping she won't be another romantic interest for the Doctor. What with last season's finale and the long time it took most people to accept River Song, adding more love to the show would just be... well, it'd just be too much. In a perfect world, she'd be an alien who actually has an INTELLECT - someone who can give the Doctor a run for his money, like the old Classic Who companions used to do.

What do you all think about Miss Avocado? She seems intelligent and funny - she's certainly pretty - and she's a good actor as well. And, knowing the Moff, her character will be absolutely out of this world (quite literally, too, if we're lucky). Will she be a Time Lord? Or an alternate Doctor? Or a regeneration of Jenny's? Or - God forbid - another human? Tell me! I really want to know what you all think.


In other news: POST PROMPTS. AND THEN FILL SOME. AND THEN POST NEW ONES. You can even post your ideas on the main 'comments' page, if you want! Let's just get the prompt-fill system running again!

All the best~
DoctorTimer Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I absolutely would like she is the Doctor's daughter, she must meet the doctor again! She is alive! And what did Moffat say?: he will meet her in the very last place he could expect to meet her and she is the very last person he could expect to meet...
so I suppose, and I hope, she is Jenny (the name is not so different from the actress' name XD)
Or maybe Rose and the Doctor's daughter! But the question would be: how did she across the "wall" which separate the two parallel universes? *_*
Theta-Koschei-4ever Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2012  Hobbyist
I want her to be the Master or Jenny or The Rani! Or Romana pretty much anyone who we thought River was but then wasnt! Or she could be The Human Doctor and Rose's daughter... or just somebody we have never met! I dont care im just excited! xxx
Olooriel Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012
Well, it has been said that she's going to be an alien, I believe. Probably a human-looking one, as I doubt they're going to do much mask on a regular character. Could be a timelord, therefore, but I'm sure it's neither Jenny nor Romana - I'm not even sure Moff would be allowed to use them, but even if he was, he likes to invent his own characters too much to use anyone else's. I also don't think it's anyone the Doctor already met, didn't sound like it - that would also rule out Jenny, Romana, or the Corsair.
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